Who We Are

Who's our target audience?: 

Young working adults who have high school diplomas but didn't have the resources to attend a university or career tech or have dropped out to start a family 

What Resources would we give them?:  

We would give them information on how to apply to higher education institutes. We would provide information on scholarships and financial aid. Help them figure out what majors they would be interested in pursuing. If they are parents we would provide them with the information needed to apply for childcare discounts. Provide them with information on in-demand, high-paying jobs. 

Where would we host this?:   

We would set up a college and career fair at a local community center where we would have local colleges and career tech representatives set up booths with information that would target this specific demographic. We would also have booths set up where they could get information on how to apply for scholarships and financial aid 

When would this project take place?:   

K-12 schools already have an annual college and career week. What we could do is extend this to our community and host it outside of school. 

Why does our community need this? 

Many young adults especially young parents feel trapped in low-wage and dead-end jobs where they feel there's no other way to provide for themselves and/or their families. This project would provide them with information on opportunities they may not have known existed, opportunities they could change their lives for the better

Our Budget: